Details of Gonow Zambia Ltd

Gonow Zambia Ltd was incorporated on 8th June 2007 as a private company Ltd by shares commencing with the certificate No.67079. Gonow is situated at permanent house Lusaka. The company not only enjoys advantages of a Zambian enterprise in such aspects as Capital, Technology, Talent, Management and Scale, but also boasts a flexible business mechanism of a private enterprise. At the company’s plant facilities imported Semi-Knock- Down (SKD1) Vehicles will be assembled into finished vehicle units by a compliment of Zambian personnel.

To provide good quality first hand Chinese vehicles at affordable prices and economical viable vehicles to Governments, Parastatals, Private organizations and individual households in the entire Southern and Central African Region Free Trade Zone (FTZONE) by the year 2025.

We have a vision of strengthening the automotive sector in Zambia, Southern and Central African markets in pickups and light trucks, refining the SUV sector and also automotive parts under the principal of “Making, Supplying and servicing world class vehicles” Gonow will save harness and consolidate brand coverage in the southern and Central African region with an increased market share of 70%.

The company has adhered to the synchronous development of domestic and foreign markets, persisted in independent Research and Development, innovation and development are grown constantly by implementing the strategy of differentiated development. Strategic partnership between the Government of the Republic of Zambia and the private sector continue to play a significant role in making broad-based economic empowerment a reality in our operations.

In the near future the development prospect of Gonow Zambia Ltd is bright. The company will invest to its full capacity, through resource integration, continuous innovation, technical improvements and active development of target markets Gonow Zambia Ltd eventually will become one of Zambia’s most competitive independent Auto brand proudly owned by Zambians offering a share holding to employees of the company. In our operations we intend to produce 6000 units, in the history of commerce and industry China GAC GONOW Auto Company Limited managed to supply the South African market with 3000 units in 2007.


Gonow Zambia Ltd has developed professional project performance to provide specialized solutions and requirements; this includes an extensive market research, after service, dealer network, warranty and operations management. With excellent project management ability our project execution is guaranteed. In our years of existence the Gonow programs team has demonstrated great commitment towards improving the quality and efficiency of its service offerings to Zambia, Southern and Central African market.

Gonow Zambia Ltd has already perfected statutory compliance requirements and other contributions such as business and marketing sales planning, cost benefit analysis, environmental impact assessments, feasibility studies, risk assessments, banking, construction and infrastructure development, land leases and licensing, have played a vital role in mobilizing the visions and dreams of Gonow Zambia Limited into reality.

The Gonow Zambia Ltd teams combined range of skills; training, experience, and profile are ideally suited to realizing the projects mandate. Enthusiasm, patience, humour and dedication are the inherent components that enable the team to establish an effective working relationship with our partners and private partners. Led by Mr. Gerald Gift Makungu the success of the project can be attributed to the ongoing commitment of the team.

Mr. Xi Jinping, President of the Republic of China

This is the Cooperation

Ground Breaking

" Zambia and China have a strong cooperation " 

Our first President Dr. Kenneth David Kaunda
Chairman Mao of China

Joint efforts by Zambia and China are based on the foundation of than half a century.

Gonow (Z) Ltd will be able to usher in a better tomorrow for the Zambia-China all weather friendship to better facilitate the two countries and people, a friendship jointly founded  by Dr. Kenneth Kaunda and Chairman Mao Zedong.


FORLAND fighting COVID-19

Launch of Forland Trucks
Commerce, Trade and Industry

Minister Hon. Christopher Yaluma

‘Motor vehicle-assembling plant needs protection’

Posted in Business on January 02, 2017 by Web Editor

FORMER Minister of Works and Supply Mike Mulongoti has urged Government to formulate a policy that will help protect the new motor vehicle-assembling plant when it becomes fully operational to enable it grow and create jobs.
Mr Mulongoti (inset) also said there is need for Zambia to monitor and control the pace at which shopping malls are being constructed if Government is to achieve its industrialisation agenda.
In an interview with journalists on Wednesday, he said Zambia should take advantage of its location as a transit country to grow its economy.
“Government should not concentrate on allowing people to set up shopping malls, we need factories in Zambia because being a land-linked country, we can export to our neighbours. But why should we continue importing every time? Our shops are full of merchandise from outside.
“To protect the US$175 million motor vehicle-assembling plant being constructed at the Lusaka South multi-facility economic zone, Government should ring-fence motor vehicles of the same capacity and quality. Do not encourage such vehicles to come and compete with the company. Give the firm some room to grow,” Mr Mulongoti said.
He further advised Government to be the first customer for the products that will be produced at Gonow Zambia Limited.
“So we appeal to Government to find keen interest in the buying [of locally produced products],” Mr Mulongoti said.

TV Interview with Gerald Gift Makungu

Check the 5 bullet points 

1. We have now introduced SUNLONG busses!

2. We will assemble 3-5 ton FORLAND light trucks and are now SOLE DISTRIBUTOR of 12-30 ton Trucks which will come as finished product!

3. We have done research on KAWEI brand performance for the past 4 years on the double cab and single cab pickups and ELECTRONIC VEHICLES to be introduced to our assembly line! 

Check the marriage of the KAWEI pickup and below the ELECTRIC vehicles and the Newspaper Article from the Daily Mail Zambia about ELECTRIC cars to raise Copper demand !


5. One Belt, One Road: Chinas Grand Enterprise to Globalisation

Newspaper Articles

Zambia Daily Mail

26 February 2019

Lusaka motor assembly good news

Posted in Editor's Comment on December 29, 2016 by Web Editor

SURELY, Zambia is on the right path to economic prosperity as many indicators show. One such indicator is the setting up of a US$175 million motor vehicle assembly plant at the Lusaka South Multi- Facility Economic Zone which will potentially produce 20 vehicles per day.
Efforts by Government to grow our economy by creating a conducive environment for local and foreign investors are worth our commendation and that of all well-meaning Zambians.
A Zambian company, Gonow Zambia Limited, has partnered with China’s third largest producer and supplier of pick-ups, Zhejang Gonow Auto Company, to set up the assembly plant earmarked for a 2.5-hectare piece of land. Work has already commenced and will be completed in eight months.
Minister of Commerce, Trade and Industry Margaret Mwanakatwe could not be more right when she said the setting up of the motor vehicle assembly plant is a milestone not only in the development of the country’s manufacturing industry but also in supporting technology transfer.
This project is reminiscent of the Livingstone Motor Assembly which shut down in 1992 due to harsh economic conditions, following many years of promising enterprise.
Had the company been in existence up to today, it would have made a lot of profits because it would embody expertise in motor vehicle assembly and repair from all over the world. That would have seen it make a huge impact on Zambia’s economy.
But that is water under the bridge. Now, we need to focus on the benefits the Gonow Zambia Limited/ Zhejang Gonow Auto Company motor assembly plant will bring to the people of Zambia economically and their positive spill-over effects.
We are especially happy that about 500 jobs are in the offing as a result of the same business undertaking.
“Gonow Zambia Limited, once fully operational, will invest over US$179 million. I am informed that in the initial phase of the plant, the company will invest US$4.6 million creating 200 direct jobs and another 300 indirect jobs through local business development in motor vehicle dealerships and auto spare retailers, among others,” Mrs Mwanakatwe said.
We wish to echo the minister’s advice to the company to make the most of Zambia’s membership of the Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA) and the Southern African Development Community (SADC) to access their combined massive market for their pick-up vehicles.
It is heartening that the manufacturing sector is being re-invigorated. We are hopeful and happy that soon the sector will be as vibrant as it used to be, maybe even more, for the greater economic development of this country.
It is in this light that we hail the establishment of the Gonow Zambia Limited/ Zhejang Gonow Auto Company motor assembly plant and call on all interested parties to ensure the success of the mega business project


 on the 28th of December 2016

$175m vehicle assembly plant launched

Posted in Headlines, News on December 29, 2016 by Web Editor

CONSTRUCTION of the US$175 million motor vehicle assembling plant with a capacity of 20 units a day has begun at the Lusaka South Multi-Facility Economic Zone (LS-MFEZ).
The venture is expected to create 500 jobs.
Gonow Zambia Limited has partnered with China’s third largest producer and supplier of pick-up vehicles, Zhejang Gonow Auto Company, to set up a modern plant on 2.5 hectares.
The construction of the plant and installation of machinery is expected to be completed in the next eight months.
The last major motor vehicle manufacturing plant Zambia had was Livingstone Motor Assembly, which closed in 1992.



December 2016

ZIPAR calls for automotive industry development plan

Business on November 15, 2016 by Web Editor , Zambia Daily Mail.

THE Zambia Institute for Policy Analysis and Research (ZIPAR) has urged Government to establish an automotive industry development plan that will accommodate the construction of a motor vehicle assembling plant in Zambia.
Responding to plans by Gonow Zambia Limited to establish a motor-assembling plant in the country, ZIPAR transport and infrastructure development research fellow Zali Chikuba said Zambia can become a regional commercial hub if it invests in an auto assembling plant benefitting the domestic and regional markets.
Mr Chikuba said in a statement availed to the Daily Mail by ZIPAR knowledge manager Euphrasia Ilunga that Government should also consider coming up with transparent incentive structures that will set a clear direction for all future investments and minimise uncertainty in the industry.
Demand for motor vehicles in Zambia has on average grown at 15 percent per year between 2006 and 2015, and is dominated by imported second-hand motor vehicles.
“The expected motor vehicle assembly plant re-affirms ZIPAR’s policy recommendations from a study on ‘Used Motor Vehicle imports and the Impact on Transportation in Zambia in which the think tank pointed out the need for local manufacture of motor vehicles to complement all other measures proposed’.
“The establishment of a motor vehicle assembly will not only accord Zambians easier access to new motor vehicle, but will also create many jobs and contribute to economic growth,” he said.
Mr Chikuba said Government must ensure strong institutional and legal frameworks are in place to support the new industry.
He also said Government must consider setting up local incubation centres for production and supply of car parts to make the assembly less dependent on imports, which is a critical requirement for the sustainability of the industry.
Mr Chikuba said the local vehicle-manufacturing plant at the right scale and cost structure has potential to reduce prices of motor vehicles in Zambia, increase tax revenue due to improved demand for high value motor vehicles, and at the same time provide motor vehicles suitable to the local condition.

$175m vehicle-assembling plant on course

Headlines on November 08, 2016 by Web Editor

In an interview on Friday, Gonow Zambia Limited director Gerald Makungu said the plant, which will sit on 2.5 hectares, is expected to open up many opportunities including business and partnership prospects, job creation and will further improve the livelihood of the populace.
Mr Makungu is optimistic that the construction of the plant will help spearhead industrialisation in Zambia, improve competition and wealth creation.
“We are very happy that we will soon start the construction of the plant immediately after the ground-breaking ceremony anytime soon… Our partners, Forland from China, are currently in the country to witness the ground-breaking ceremony.
“We are confident that the creation of the plant will help steer the economic growth. We have already engaged a contractor, Wah Kong Enterprises Limited, which is expected to employ about 70 locals in the construction phase and building will take about six month,” he said.
It is anticipated that the company will assemble 20 vehicles a day for distribution within the Southern African Development Community (SADC).
Mr Makungu is encouraged that Government is facilitating and promoting the growth of the private sector.
He said the establishment of the plant is a milestone in the development of the motor industry in Zambia, and in the Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa, SADC and the East African Community.

Some History of Gonow

LS-MFEZ and Gonow Zambia News

Lusaka South MFEZ exchanging papers with Gonow Zambia Limited director Gerald Makungu after the signing of a lease agreement for the setting up of a multi-million dollar motor vehicle assembling plant in Lusaka on Friday, 18 December, 2015.

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